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1. Choose an industry
2. Regulate the industry.
3. Tax the industry.
4. Sue the industry.

When one source of money dries up, return to Step 1 and repeat.
Samantha Phillipe

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Welcome to
Minnesota Property Rights

Your source for news, information, letter writing campaigns, and more.

Fight Smoking Bans.
Be pro active instead of reactive.
There are only a few Antis taking rights away from a lot of people. There are a lot of smokers, and even more non-smoking folks who are fed up with the Antis taking away personal freedom.

Minnesota Property Rights was founded by ordinary citizens as a way for ordinary citizens to fight a new type of prohibition crusade - against tobacco, and hence against tobacco users.

Minnesota Property Rights is active in local political fights, in the media, and in research. We have a huge internet archive available to the public, and several web sites. Minnesota Property Rights members in several countries are involved in activism, recruitment and education. And our numbers are growing every day. Many - but certainly not all - of our members and supporters are smokers. What we really have in common is a concern that today's aggressive, government-supported anti-smoking puritanism is leading to a number of highly undesirable consequences: a "drug-war" style stigmatization of one-quarter of the population; onerous taxation disproportionately aimed at lower income earners; run-away litigation resulting in a massive transfer of wealth to lawyers and government; increasing disrespect for the idea of individual lifestyle choice; the dangerous debasement and misrepresentation of science in order to expedite a political agenda.

The Government should NOT
make these decisions for the property owners.

Property Rights are
"Smokers Rights"

Property Rights are
"Cologne Wearing Rights"

Property Rights are
"Cell Phone Using Rights"

Property Rights are
"Who You Want On Your Property Rights"

It is up to the owner of each property to decide what they want on their property and post a sign.
It is up to the public to decide where to go and where to spend their money.
The market will decide what business does well.
The Government should NOT make these decisions for the property owners.

Property Rights

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Murdering America By Felt Lair

Murdering America

By Felt Edward Lair

Over a decade of evidence countering the rabid claims of fanatics that secondhand smoke is deadly and exposes the politically correct lie that smoking bans are a matter of Public Health.

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New Group:
Minnesota Smokers
A public yahoo group for anyone who wants to talk about the Minnesota smoking ban situation. Just MN, all MN, no international or national news. No private posts. Please sign up if you are from MN or send this note out to people who are. Thanks!

For Outside Minnesota:
For a list of online email groups. Join one in your state now or a country wide group. Please remember that all these groups are open to the public so don't post anything you don't want the anti-lurkers to see.
Forums in case you just want to post, not get mail back.
Blogs in case you just want to read.
Smokers Links. Find a group near you.

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